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  • Are professionals working at a post-secondary institution in the areas of child maltreatment and/or child welfare.
  • Are invited to become involved as a mentor for small group learning or as someone who is interested in knowledge exchange in the field with community organizations, students/trainees, and other mentors.
  • May participate by joining the virtual meetings, the webinars, and the student-led journal clubs when convenient for them to contribute to the knowledge exchange with the CARe RTP.

Benefits of joining the CARe RTP for Academics

Some of the benefits of joining the CARe RTP for academics include increased opportunities for networking and collaborating, participation in conversations and research with the aim of producing impactful research the fields of child maltreatment and/or child welfare, the opportunity to provide mentorship to community partners and students/trainees, to share your knowledge, and to gain access to all the resources developed for the CARe RTP. This will include recorded lectures, live webinars, live student-led journal clubs, and recommended academic reading.

If you are interested in joining the CARe RTP as an Academic, please email Tracie Afifi at

Academic Partners