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Academic Partner

Nathalie Reid, PhD - Academic Partner

Nathalie Reid, PhD

Dr. Nathalie Reid is the Director of the Child Trauma Research Centre (CTRC) at the University of Regina. Nathalie’s career as a secondary teacher, in three provinces across Canada, and often alongside youth with a variety of struggles, laid the foundation for her research program (understanding and navigating trauma in school contexts). Nathalie’s research program inquires into the experiences of educators with trauma and trauma-sensitivity, while she also conducts research in the CTRC’s 6 research priority areas: Education, Early Intervention and Prevention, Pre- and Post-Migration Trauma, Climate Trauma, Justice and Public Safety Personnel Families, and Mental Health and Wellbeing. The CTRC actively engages in work to reduce the long-term negative social, physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and economic impacts of childhood trauma by engaging with children and youth and those entrusted with their care.