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Mia Guenther, RPC MACP BEd

Mia Guenther, RPC MACP BEd - Community Knowledge Exchange Partner

Mia Guenther, a dedicated advocate for children and youth, is the CEO of Knowles Centre, bringing educational and clinical experience to her role. Before leading Knowles Centre, Mia held pivotal positions in the Seven Oaks SchoolDivision, where she appreciated the challenge and joy she experienced as a teacher, guidance counsellor, and principal. In her tenure as principal, Mia navigated her staff through significant institutional changes while prioritizing the needs of the diverse student body. With a decade of experience as a licensed Play Therapist, she specialized in supporting children and youth in care, addressing issues of Grief and Loss, trauma, FASD, and fostering positive relational skills. She remains committed to creating conditions whereby youth experience a sense of belonging and
meaningful success, which requires systemic barriers and all forms of discrimination to be acknowledged and removed.Ongoing learning and working towards Truth and Reconciliation to the best of her ability supports this goal.