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Isabel Garces Davila, M.A.

Isabel Garces Davila, M.A.- Cohort 1

Isabel Garces Davila, M.A.

Isabel is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Community Health Sciences and a graduate student research assistant at the Childhood Adversity and Resilience Research (CARe) Team at the University of Manitoba. Isabel’s current projects examine the impacts of parental depression and anxiety on children’s cognitive abilities and mental health. She is also working on projects to review multi-level interventions to prevent and reduce the occurrence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Before her doctoral studies, Isabel received an MA in Health Services Research from the University of New Brunswick, where she researched the individual and ecological determinants of access to mental health services for youth using data from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) – Mental Health Component (2012), the Postal Code Conversion Plus, and the Canadian Community Health Survey- Annual Component (2011-2012).

Research interests: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their association with cognitive development, educational attainment, and mental health. Perinatal parental mental health, financial hardship, and developmental effects among children and youth. Knowledge translation of Real World Data (RWD) into policies and interventions for populations at-risk.